Incorporated in 1996, Jerami Indah Sdn. Bhd. is involved in agriculture-based activities, the core of which is oil palm plantation management. With the objective of capitalizing on readily available resources from such plantation, we incorporate other complimentary activities including sheep and goat rearing, cash crop cultivation and compost processing and agro-based product sale and retailing.
Jerami Indah adopts the integrated farming method that is encompassed within the double avenue planting system, as recommended by the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) as part of a government program to promote crop and animal integration within a smallholder oil palm plantation.
A special feature of Jerami Indah oil palm plantation is in the palm rows arrangement, where palm rows are alternately spaced at 8.5 meters and 15 meters. With this arrangement, agro-based facilities are integrated within the palm plantation such as Napier grass plot, cash crop plots, goat and sheep shed, livestock grazing plot, composting facility, petting zoo, plant nursery, workers’ quarters and also a retail shop.
Recognising their importance, service roads are a standard feature of Jerami Indah oil palm plantation. These roads ensure ease of access and movements connected with the plantation and the integrated activities such as palm fruit harvesting, plantation maintenance and animal feed delivery.
Nov 1996: Jerami Indah Sdn Bhd was incorporated
Aug 2009: Started planting 1st phase of oil palm seedlings
Dec 2011: Received oil palm seedlings from MPOB as part of government program for smallholders
Jan 2012: Completed planting of seedlings
Nov 2012: Capital TV Interview
Oct 2013: Awarded the “30 tonne Club” Membership by MPOB
Apr 2014: Certified with “Good Agricultural Practice” (GAP)
Aug 2014: Winner of Smallholder Category for Peninsula Level in the Malaysian Palm Oil Industry Award 2014
Sep 2015: Malaysian Palm Oil Interview by MPOC for France mini documentary

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