Biophosko ® Rotary Klin Manual (RKM 1000 L) has dimensions (height = 180 cm, width = 165 cm and length = 280 cm) made of pure resin fiber material (fiberglass) with a thickness of 3 mm, the UNP iron frame, reducer, and other aeration equipment (exhaust fan) so that the resilient economy over 10 years.

Created by Complete Knock Down (CKD) making it very easy to move (mobile). Rotary Klin Machine is the perfect solution for handling solid waste or organic waste such as waste from the households (apartments, real estate), factory canteens, restaurants, hotels, and residential or farm and agribusiness companies which in areas without electricity flow.

Organic trash categories or which can be degraded (degradable materials) include: food scraps, paper, waste of fish and fish spines, skin of fruits, vegetables, etc. Basically all of the output material from living beings, (animals and plants) can be parsed using Green Phoskko probiotic microbes technology (decomposition of organic material).



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