The UDDERLY EZ MILKER™ is the safest and most effective hand-held, hand-operated milking machine available in the market. It is light and very handy for collecting and storing of colostrum for the new-born baby goats and calves. It can be used anytime; thus in the event colostrum is needed for a new-born animal, it can be extracted from the mother using the UDDERLY EZ MILKER™ whenever required (even at night) and fed to the new-born to ensure survival of the new-born.

It is also ideal for milking goats and cows and other animals. It helps someone without any milking experience to milk goats and cows. Even a child can use it. Use of the UDDERLY EZ MILKER™ also ensures cleanliness in the milking process.

The heart of the UDDERLY EZ MILKER™ is the patented vacuum pump, made in the USA, manufactured only with the highest quality engineered plastics available.

The Udderly EZ ™ Milker set includes: the Udderly EZ pump; 2 sizes of extraction cylinders; 2 silicone inflation inserts; bottle nipple; udder wipes; wiper towel; 1 quart and 1 pint colostrums / milk collection bottles with caps; operation manual; and Udderly EZ ™ Milker DVD.



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